Check out which hot jobs and industries are trending in the Cessnock/Hunter region now. Cessnock City Council did some important research to find out where you’re most likely to land a job locally. These were the top skills needs in the next 2 years according to Hunter region businesses.

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Horticulture, Parks and Gardens 

Aged Care




Cessnock City is a great place to work

Cessnock City is located in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, 153km (less than two hours’ drive) north of Sydney and 40 km west of Newcastle, providing rapid access to major metropolitan markets. By road, rail, sea or air – Cessnock City is highly accessible. Cessnock City is strategically situated close to ports, airports, residential growth areas, road networks and Sydney.

  • Diverse Economy. There is a diversity of economic activities in Cessnock local government area, with mining, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, wine, and tourism supported by emerging cultural and creative activities, transport, renewables and innovation as well as aged care sectors.
  • Temperate.  The climate is temperate with mild winters and warm summers. Mean annual temperatures range from a minimum of 11°C to a maximum of 25°C.
  • Ripe for opportunity. A supportive and progressive business culture, abundant and affordable land, and established transport infrastructure providing easy access to major domestic and international markets. This highly liveable area has an attractive setting, a good range of services and is where affordability parallels a strong sense of community. Major service centres exist in Cessnock and Kurri Kurri townships with greenfield commercial and industrial lands.
  • Growth. Cessnock’s population is on the rise and the LGA ranked with the 16th highest rate of growth in NSW between 2006 and 2016, following our neighbouring Hunter population centre of Maitland with 24.9% and ranked 8th in NSW. Official data shows that Cessnock LGA experienced 19.7% growth in population over the ten years, where NSW only experienced 15.0%, and Australia 18%. Cessnock LGA’s growth rate surpassed Greater Sydney with 18.2% where the rest of NSW saw only 9.0%.

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