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Photo of Nathan and Jodie Nisbett-Bickel

Jonath’s Animal Kingdom opened its doors 3 weeks ago and are now open to the public on Cessnock Road in Neath. Jodie and Nathan Nisbett-Bickel specialise in breeding hand raised birds, reptiles and small animals.

“Most of the animals in-store are bred by us” stated Jodie, “we created this business from our own ideas, having 7 children to help along the way ensures you are getting a family friendly pet”.

They have run their business online for the past few years and have now decided to open the store to offer great advice, they stock a large range of supplies for birds, reptiles and small animals.

“No one has the breeding background and experience we do, we are registered dog breeders and we breed and hand raise birds and parrots. We are proudly Members of Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB) and Hunter Valley Avicultural Society (HVAS).”

Further to this they also sell animal supplies specialising in bird supplies from labels such as Vetafarm, Passwell, Roudybush, Wombaroo and JM Produce.

“This came about as we wanted to be able to provide people with the products that we have tried and tested and genuinely recommend. So we also stock the Meals for Mutts range in super premium dog & cat foods. JM Produce are our choice when it comes the bird seed and stock feeds, it is high quality clean seed. We always endeavour to seek and promote good quality Australian products as much as possible.”

Jodie says that the other major and important difference that sets them aside from the pet shops is how supportive they are to those who need help with their pets.

“Regardless of how old your pets gets if you need advice or have a question we are always here and more than happy to help and that goes for the lifespan of the animal. We have been there from your pet’s first breath and quite happy to assist and support right up until their last”.

The family also resides in the Cessnock region, and says living and working in the region is wonderful for their business, particularly as they also have children and animals to care for.

Their store trades 9.00am – 5.00pm 7 days per week.


Jonath’s Animal Kingdom

72 Cessnock Road Neath NSW 2326

0409 770 983 


9.00am to 5.00pm every day

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