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Safe Act Pty Ltd is made up of a tight knit team of 6 friendly individuals that has been operating in the Hunter Valley since 2013.

Safe Act offer a wide range of safety training courses; from a simple first aid course to a working at heights programme, risk management and everything in-between!

The thing that sets Safe Act apart from their competition is the unique training experience each client receives is next to none!

Their diverse team of expert trainers have quirky personalities, top notch industry skills and training equipment.

Everyone who walks through their doors will come out with a qualification, complimentary minties and an experience worth tweeting about.

Asked what is great about working in the Cessnock Region, Gregory Allen Principle Advisor says “The locals. Nothing beats a sense of community and Cessnock region truly provides that!  Many of our clients are regular or continue to purchase through our shop after becoming qualified”.

We will always continue to help grow the working community in the Cessnock region” he added.

First Aid is for everyone, each individual who holds a first aid certificate has unlocked their potential to save a life.

Do you need to unlock your potential; perhaps your staff require safety training? Contact these locals, Safe Act as per their details below.

Safe Act Pty Ltd

Contact: 02 49361190

Location: 54 Cessnock Rd, Weston


Website: Https://

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