Published on Jan 27, 2020

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The NSW Government has announced changes will be implemented across a range of NSW’s liquor laws.
The announcement came after key recommendations from the Joint Select Committee’s report on Sydney’s night time economy and modifications to NSW’s liquor laws were supported by the NSW Government late last year.
According to the Cessnock City Liquor Accord there is no significant changes locally. Changes may include an increase to patron capacity and extended operating hours for some premises.
The maximum patron capacity allowed under liquor licenses for small bars, and or micro-breweries and small distilleries operating under a special drink on premises authorisation, will be increased from 100 – 120 patrons.
However, changes to the laws will not automatically entitle licensees to increase their patron capacity due to having an impact on the safety of occupants and amenity.

Licensees are advised to consider the following prior to the increase in patron capacity:
• Review the conditions of the development consent to ensure it allows for an increase in patron capacity.
• Seek advice to determine if an approval for a modification to the consent is required for an increase to patron capacity.
• Where a patron capacity is not specified liaise with your local Council’s customer service.

Liquor stores will be permitted to extend their operating hours from 11pm to midnight on Monday through to Saturday, and from 10pm to 11pm on Sundays.
Licensees are advised to refer to the conditions imposed on their liquor license and development consent. Licenced premises such as bars, cellar doors must comply with their individual licence conditions issued by the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority.
If you think  these changes may affect your liquor license, contact Liquor and Gaming NSW on 1300 024 720, visit the Liquor and Gaming NSW website.
Read more  Liquor and Gaming NSW website.