Did you know that Cessnock City Council is a big customer when it comes to business and we love to buy locally!


To make doing business with us easier we have launched a guide with everything you need to know, to get us working better together. Procurement in local government has a unique set of requirements for both tendering and
quotations. This guide has helpful information on the tender process and quotations. We encourage you to check out the handy checklists on pages 13 and 14. Council looks forward to doing business
with you!

It covers everything from tenders, quotations, safety, risk and environmental management. If you need more information our Procurement team are happy to assist.


Goods and services are required to support the Council operations.

These are sourced through:
• Quotations,
• Preferred supplier agreements and,
• Tenders.

Request for Quotations

Council requests quotes in a number of ways. Council may publically advertise a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for goods or services below $150,000. RFQ documents and schedules will generally be a shortened version of a tender document. The same level of care should be taken when completing the documentation. Which includes supplying all relevant Work Health and Safety (WHS) documentation based on the risks associated with that particular service. RFQ can be accepted by Council officers under delegation. They do not require a resolution of Council.

Preferred Supplier Agreements

Council may also utilise preferred supplier agreements (PSA). PSA is a contractual agreement between your company and Council. It brings you the benefits of being an approved supplier whom has met specific criteria. This may include insurances and licences relevant to specific services, including provision of WHS documentation, depending on the risks associated with that service. This then identifies you as a supplier that approved quotations can be sorted under the agreements terms and conditions that are pre-established.

Tendering in Local Government

Tendering in Local Government is regulated under Section 55 of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and Part 7 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (NSW). Additionally, Council has its own Tendering Procedures.

Where to start?

Cessnock City Council is pleased to advise that we have implemented VendorPanel Marketplace to simplify our procurement process. It is an easy to navigate system that is entirely FREE for suppliers, with no costs for signing up, receiving notifications or submitting quotes. Once you are registered in the VendorPanel Marketplace, you will be eligible to receive request for quotations/ tenders notifications from council that relate to the categories that your business provides goods and/or services for.

More information on registering for Vendorpanel marketplace, or how to procure across council service areas, please visit: http://www.cessnock.nsw.gov.au/council/Procurement