Published on Aug 24, 2021

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Checking into venues and managing your check-in history will become easier thanks to a new COVID-19 check-in card and suite of updates to the Service NSW app.

NSW residents will soon be able to register for a COVID-19 check-in card which can be presented to supermarkets and other essential retail businesses to scan.

The cards will act as a faster and safer way to complete the self-service web form check-in or paper sign-in currently used by customers without a smartphone.

Customers can download and print their COVID-19 check-in card or have a plastic card mailed to them. Their contact details will be securely stored within the QR code, which will prepopulate the web form when scanned by the business.

In addition to the QR Cards, Service NSW is also rolling out two further enhancements to the Service NSW app.

The first allowing customers to review their check out history and add check out times and the second to make it easier for customers to sign into the Service NSW app wearing a mask.

It is critical contact tracers have the most accurate information possible so they can act quickly to contact casual and close contacts.

Customers will also be able to opt to extend their login-period for the Service NSW app to up to 4 hours, making it faster and easier to check-in without having to reenter a PIN or to remove their facemask to activate Face ID each time.

The additional features will be available inside the Service NSW app from mid-August.

Customers will be able to register for their COVID-19 check-in card via the Service NSW website or by calling 13 77 88 from 13 August and can opt to receive it via email to print at home, or via postal mail.

Customers wanting more information or wanting to create their check in card go to Service NSW.

How do businesses check in customers who have a COVID-19 check-in card?

A customer can present their card at a participating business for the business to scan the QR code. Once the QR code is scanned, the customer’s registered contact details automatically fill in the Service NSW business online webform.

Alternatively, if a customer is able to self-serve, they can scan their QR code and check themselves in.

Businesses need to be using their unique Service NSW online webform. The unique online web form URL is among the package of resources a business receives when they register as COVID Safe. You can retrieve your online web form from your Business Resources page.

Download the Guide for Businesses for information on how to check in a customer with a COVID-19 check-in card.