Published on Jun 1, 2021

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For NSW businesses, selling online gives access to new customers and markets without many of the challenges, risks and expenses of establishing a physical presence.

To harness the opportunity to export products or services, businesses need to develop a strategy to improve their e-commerce and online sales channels.

NSW businesses are invited to participate in the e-Commerce Strategy Development Workshop Series program being run in June 2021.

On behalf of Investment NSW, Global Trade Professionals Alliance will facilitate a transformative capability development program for NSW businesses, which is experiential and engaging, and includes:

  • Workshop series: online webinars providing capability and knowledge in eight sequential chunks of one hour each.
  • Business e-commerce readiness assessment: conduct a rapid self-assessment. The results will allow participants to plot actions.
  • Mentoring: access to a business mentor to help develop a tailored e-commerce strategy, leveraging all components of the program.
  • Incentive and credentialing: participants get access to the trust mark Safe.Shop.

Outcomes for NSW businesses:

  • Improved e-commerce skills and capabilities
  • A clear, easily actionable and prioritised list of steps to follow to prepare for e-commerce and online success
  • A sound e-commerce strategy tailored to business capability and export plan

Who should attend?

SMEs looking to grow their international/export operations online or looking to expand their existing online business into new markets exporting products or services.

Eligibility criteria: business must have a NSW registered ABN

Event closed.