Published on Feb 23, 2021

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Avoiding waste is not easy, in fact, it takes thought and effort and that’s where the Waste Avengers Blog come into play.

Created for all to read and join in the discussion to avoid waste and save the planet, The Waste Avengers Blog is about making waste prevention easier through the sharing of local personal stories and videos for varied perspectives.

The latest Waste Avengers vlog to be featured is Keith Tulloch, Chief Winemaker and Managing Director of Keith Tulloch Wine.

He shares how his winery is the first certified carbon neutral winery in the Hunter Valley and how the wines are certified under the Australian Government’s ‘Climate Active’ program.

Keith Tulloch Wine has been awarded Climate Active certification by achieving net zero emissions, meaning the activities associated with running the winery have no negative impact on the climate.

Certification includes the entire lifecycle of the product; the vineyard and winery operation as well as a separate certification for the wine.

What is the Climate Active Program?

Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action. The brand represents Australia’s collective effort to measure, reduce, and offset carbon emissions to lessen our negative impact on the environment.

The initiative supports and guides businesses as they account for and reduce carbon emissions. The Climate Active stamp helps to identify brands that are making a difference for a more sustainable future.

As a fourth generation wine maker, Keith talks about their passion and real focus on becoming carbon neutral and explaining everything they do in terms of looking at a business that has a long term inter-generational capacity in agriculture, manufacturing and marketing.  He explains the need to be focused on minimizing waste wherever it can, and avoiding waste generation where ever possible.

The winery has implemented using lightweight glass and biodegradable plastics and any plastics used in the manufacturing and marketing of the product are reusable.  They no longer use laminates on the packaging as it is extremely difficult to recycle and decompose.  View additional sustainability measures here.

So when it comes to avoiding waste, what are your barriers? What makes it hard for you? What would make it easier for you to avoid waste?

You can join in on the discussion and share what you think about Keith Tulloch Wine setting an example for the Hunter Valley Wine Country.  Join the conversation here.

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