A Game-Changing Cyber Security Collaboration

As October ushers in Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023, the National Retail Association is delighted to unveil a pioneering collaboration with Ignite Systems. This partnership promises to revolutionize the landscape for small businesses in the retail sector.

Ignite Systems, a recognised leader in the field, specialises in crafting and delivering tailored managed cyber security services for small businesses. Their practical and proven expertise has earned wide acclaim over two decades. They've safeguarded small businesses across Australia and worked closely with numerous membership organisations, offering invaluable cyber security guidance, advice, and training.

But this collaboration goes beyond a typical partnership; it's a genuine commitment. It's a pledge to equip small business members with the knowledge and resources they need to not just survive but thrive in our increasingly risky digital world. Taking a proactive stance, ensuring you have the insights and solutions necessary to navigate the complexities of cyber security successfully.

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