New Concierge Service For Hospitality Businesses


The Government has recently launched a Hospitality Concierge service.
The service offers a dedicated team to help hospitality start-ups, or existing businesses, to grow by expanding their offerings. Offerings such as offering alfresco dining as we come into the Summer months.

The service will streamline application processes, and assist businesses and local councils to navigate the liquor licensing, planning and regulatory changes introduced through the 24-Hour Economy reforms.

The hospitality concierge will:

  • Help councils establish special entertainment precincts to encourage and support more live music and entertainment.
  • Assist local councils, businesses and the community to understand the options and initiatives available to support the 24-Hour Economy.
  • Help venues get the necessary approvals to start up new offerings or expand their existing offerings to patrons.
  • Assist licensees in navigating the various regulatory approval pathways in relation to new applications and expanded or varied business offerings.
  • Facilitate referrals to the appropriate agency or local councils, to assist in coordinated and timely approvals.

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