New Fire Rating System

With the upcoming fire season, it is important to understand the new changes to the fire rating system to help protect your business from the risk of fire.

From September 1 2022 new fire danger ratings will be implemented. This is important to take note of as it involves a change in the signage you will see around your local area.

The changes are based off scientific findings and community input from a nation wide survey.

Previous ratings were based off two types of vegetation, bush and grass. To provide greater accuracy, eight types of vegetation are now being measured, not only providing greater accuracy but also relevancy to specific areas.

Did you know, fire danger ratings advise the potential level of danger if a bush fire were to start? A common misconception is that they indicate the chance of a fire occurring.

The most obvious of changes is that there are now four ratings opposed to the previous six, this is to simplify the rating system. Each of the new ratings; moderate, high, extreme and catastrophic, have associated actions to assist in the planning and preparedness required for each rating.

Visit the NSW Rural Fire Service for more information

Click here to download the new A3 poster

Click here to download the A5 factsheet which outlines the actions associated to each rating