New Laws for Food Delivery Drivers

Food Del

The food delivery industry involves the ordering and delivery of food and drinks from restaurants, cafes, kitchens, service stations and other food providers, to members of the public by workers who transport food using a car, bicycle, motor scooter or motorbike. This industry sits within the rapidly growing gig economy.

In July 2022 changes were implemented to increase the safety of delivery drivers.

Personal Protective Equipment

From 1 July 2022

All food delivery booking providers (platforms) are required to supply food delivery riders (riders) with:

  • high-visibility personal protective equipment (PPE), including a retroreflective outer clothing item and a bag or container for safely transporting food or drink.
  • the garment and the delivery bag must comply with the relevant Australian Standard
  • a platform does not need to provide PPE if the rider is able to use PPE already provided by another platform.

Now from January 1 2023 further laws have been introduced.

1. While delivering food or drink, all riders will be legally required to use or wear the PPE that has been provided to them.

2. All platforms will be required to provide riders with induction training before they allow a rider to work for their platform.

Penalties and fines will apply to platforms who cannot demonstrate that they have met these requirements. The penalty amounts are set out in the Regulation.


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