Nominations open for 2023 Nanga Mai Awards

The Nanga Mai Awards acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements in Aboriginal education across NSW public schools.

Educators, students and community members are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals and initiatives that have made significant contributions to Aboriginal education and cultural awareness.

This year, the award categories include:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Aboriginal Education: This category acknowledges educators and school leaders who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and creativity in supporting Aboriginal students and integrating Aboriginal perspectives into the curriculum.
  • Excellence in Community Partnerships: Recognising collaborations between schools and Aboriginal communities that have resulted in meaningful initiatives and cultural exchange programs.
  • Student Excellence: Celebrating Aboriginal students who have displayed remarkable academic achievement, leadership qualities, and community engagement.
  • Promotion of Aboriginal Languages and Culture: Honouring individuals and organisations that have made significant contributions to the preservation and promotion of Aboriginal languages and cultural heritage.
  • Innovative Use of Technology in Aboriginal Education: Acknowledging the creative use of technology to enhance Aboriginal education and cultural understanding.
  • School Excellence - K-6 and 7-12: Awarding schools that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to embedding Aboriginal perspectives into their everyday practices and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for Aboriginal students.

The Nanga Mai Awards, meaning 'to dream' in Eora language, have become a symbol of excellence in Aboriginal education.

The program was established with the aim of acknowledging the remarkable efforts made by teachers, school leaders, students and community members to create inclusive learning environments that embrace Aboriginal cultures and traditions.

Nominations close Friday 18 August, 2023.