Published on Oct 5, 2021

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Cybercrime is described as a dishonest or criminal activity conducted online or by phone.

It can include deceptive conduct such as malicious software or viruses, scams by phone or online, fake over-payments, fake invoicing, hacking your business to obtain business or customer details or access your supplier’s computer network.

To help businesses better understand the importance of cyber security, Business NSW is inviting you to attend the upcoming Cyber Talks Webinar Series.

The webinar series is designed to raise awareness of potential threats and empower business owners to implement strong security practices across your business.

Register for as many of the free sessions as you like, and if you can’t join the live session, watch the recording on-demand.

Cyber security has never been more important, develop your knowledge and obtain practical resources to help prevent the incidence of cybercrime by joining in one or all of the following webinars:

  1. How to be cyber smart in a world of cyber crime – Explore the latest cyber criminal trends, tools and motivations with cyber security expert Nigel Phair to help tackle threats and minimise risk to your business.
  2. 5 benefits of a password protection strategy – A deep-dive into why a strong password protection strategy is vital for you and your business including how to use passwords in the most secure way.
  3. Keeping your business off the phishing hook – Learn how to build resilience against phishing and spear phishing attacks in your business with best practices that avoid your end-users taking the bait.
  4. Technology’s role in cyber security – An expert panel discuss the importance of having the right security layers in place via multi-faceted technological solutions to help to secure your business and protect your customers.