National Safe Work Month

Safe Work Month

Safe Work Australia is the national policy agency responsible for WHS and workers’ compensation arrangements in Australia.

Since 2009, there has been a national campaign each October to raise awareness of WHS and provide resources for Australian workplaces to run their own events.

Individuals, their families and the broader community are all impacted by work-related injury and illness. Last year in Australia, Safe Work Australia preliminary data shows that around 163 people died while doing their job. Around 120,300 people made a workers’ compensation claim for serious injury or illness in 2019-20.

As part of National Safe Work Month there are numerous free webinars to better educate and promote safe work practices.

Examples of free webinars include:

  • manual handling
  • ask an inspector forum - mould in the workplace
  • mentally healthy construction sites
  • and much more

Click here to view the calendar of events.

Grant and rebate opportunities which assist with maintaining a safe workplace have been uploaded to our Grants page these include a Quad Bike and SSV Rebate and a Small Business Rebate, click here to view more information

This year, National Safe Work Month has four weekly themes

  • injuries at work
  • mental health
  • managing WHS risks and preventing harm
  • safe and healthy work for all


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