Protecting your Data

In today's digital era, businesses face the crucial task of gathering and safeguarding personal information. However, the escalating cyber threats demand businesses grasp the dangers and take proactive measures in collecting and storing such data.

A data breach event, like a hack or cyber-attack, poses significant risks, affecting a business's cost, productivity, reputation, and customer trust.

During a breach, criminals may expose and exploit confidential information, leading to potential misuse, sale, or theft. Examples of such sensitive information include Driver Licenses and Passports, which, if mishandled, can fuel identity theft.

Prioritising the protection of this data becomes a shield, ensuring your customers' safety and preventing fraudulent use.

In essence, businesses must stay vigilant, employing robust strategies to navigate the digital landscape and safeguard the trust of their clientele in an age where information is both a valuable asset and a potential liability.

The NSW Government have put together resources around the following topics:

  • Collecting, storing and disposing of customer data
  • What to do in a data breach
  • The value of personal information
  • Cyber security fundamentals
  • Small Business resources
  • Passwords