Recovery at Work Toolkit

The NSW Government, State Insurance Regulatory Authority has created the 'Recovery at Work Toolkit'.


This toolkit provides resources for employers and employees to help support recovery from mental ill-health in the workplace and promote mentally healthy and psychologically safe workplaces across New South Wales.

Recovery at work is about making practical workplace adjustments to support workers to perform their job effectively while they recover. A mentally healthy, supportive workplace can significantly improve recovery at work outcomes and help prevent mental ill health in the workplace.

This resource was co-designed by the SIRA Recover at Work reference group, by people with lived experience of recovery in the workplace, as well as leaders in the field of mental health at work.


Find information on:

  • What is recovery at work?
  • Practical actions to help maintain a positive mental health
  • Starting the conversation to support recovery at work
  • Understanding the mental health continuum and what it means in the workplace