Small Business Survey


The Small Business Commissioner conducted a survey to measure small business confidence relative to early 2023.

The survey found that over 50% of small businesses anticipated 2023 to be a tough year.

If you are a small business owner and concerned about the coming months, the Small Business Commissioner can assist you.

If you are currently experiencing financial hardship you can utilise the following services:

  • The National Debt Helpline - A free service which will connect small businesses and individuals with professional financial counsellors. You will experience confidential guidance to help you through.
  • The NSW Government - Small business owners are able to connect with a business advisor who will assist in creating understanding regarding what stage your business is at and what options are available.
  • Financial Institutions and Banks - Most of these organisations have specialised hardship teams which can assist with financial difficulty.  The following link will assist you in finding your banks hardship team, click here
  • Debt Agreement - Those who are sole traders or in a partnership may have the option to create a debt agreement.
  • Temporary Relief Period - This is where a 21 day period will be given to a business where a creditor has a court order for payment. This 21 days is to allow the business time to restructure finances to consider all payment options.

Note - If you are trading insolvent and unable to pay back debts, you could face civil penalties and even criminal charges. You can seek professional support from a liquidator or lawyer.

To help with disasters and emergencies, learn how to build a Business Continuity Plan and prepare or recover from disaster with our Get ready for disasters kit.


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