Published on Oct 27, 2020

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For many, finding suitable grants can be a difficult task, however knowing where to look and who to talk to makes it that much easier!

Cessnock City Council’s Economic Development Unit are here to support you and your business to provide information on opportunities available to help your business grow and succeed.

Grants are designed to assist with delivering activities that build community capacity, encourage participation and make a positive and ongoing contribution to the region.

To assist businesses and regional communities recover and rebuild from the devastation that 2020 has thrown our way there is a wide range of grants and financial help available to communities and businesses to tap into.

Applying for grants and financial help can be a competitive process and there is an abundance of assistance and support offered enabling businesses to approach grants in a proactive manner.

Help and assistant is provided through many avenues including but not limited to, Grants Assist,, Service NSW and Council’s Economic Development Unit.

The key to submitting an application of highest quality is to ensure:

  • You meet the eligibility requirements for funds or assistance you are applying for and follow the application guidelines exactly, especially all deadlines.
  • Be very clear and specific about which targeted population and/or community you will be aiding and be specific about all key aspects of the grant by providing as much detail and statistical information you can to support your application.
  • Your activity, project or event is ready to go, you know what the funds will be used for and exactly how they will be used.
  • In some circumstances applying for grants through an existing organisation or involving community partnerships or collaborations will be beneficial your submission. Track record, reputation and experience may come into play.
  • Specify how and when your program is going to be evaluated against the grant agency’s specific requirements.

If you are successful in receiving grants or financial help, you must ensure the funds are spent as outlined in your submission and within the specified timeframe otherwise funds may have to be returned to the granting agency.

There are many opportunities now available for individuals and organisations to apply for grants to help fund various types of projects.

Use your new found grant writing techniques and take advantage of a range of available grants listed on Grant Connect.

For further information and guidance contact Council’s Economic Development Unit on 02 4993 4100 or email