Work bonus advantage for workers and businesses in Tourism

Benefit from a lifetime of experience!

Temporary changes to the Work Bonus gives older Australians greater flexibility to work and earn more without losing their income support.

Until 31 December 2023, the maximum Work Bonus balance limit will be increased from $7,800 to $11,800.

Hiring older workers can offer so many benefits to your company!
They are reliable and flexible, have a lifetime of experience with numerous transferable skills, and increase the age diversity of your workplace.

Recruiting mature age workers can help address labour shortages. Plus changes to the Work Bonus gives Age Pensioners an incentive to work more hours.

The Mature Age Hub has resources to support you in recruiting and retaining older workers.

You can also tap into Workforce Australia networks and programs like Career Transition Assistance to connect with and hire mature age workers. For example, a Career Transition Assistance provider may be able to identify participants suitable for your business.

Talk to a provider to find out how they can help and if you are eligible for financial support to employ an older worker.