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Crystal Clear Translation and Importing Service


Are you looking to branch into the Chinese business market, but are unsure where to begin or who can help?


Crystal Clear Translation and Importing Service specialises in a range of services to assist businesses to move into this growing market.


“I deliver Chinese business solutions tailored to small, medium and large businesses and individuals to communicate with Chinese speaking or reading people.”


Crystal specialises in a range of services include the following:
• Onsite interpreting
• Promote your business or products to Chinese market
• Translate brochures and websites to Chinese
• Chinese- English Written Translation
• Conference, Meeting and Events interpreting
• Cross cultural negotiations
• Sourcing products from China/ Importing
• Exporting via Cross boarder E-commerce and Wechat marketing
• Other matters related with your Chinese business counterparts


“I have worked as a Chinese interpreter for various organisations, and I have also helped many Newcastle businesses to promote their businesses to China”, says Crystal.


Crystal has assisted businesses from the realty, vineyard, medical and mining sectors.


“There are not many experienced interpreters for local businesses”, says Crystal.


“My vision is to provide to the client a personal, flexible, efficient service for the most cost effective value. The service will be provided completely professional, confidential and impartial.”


“China continues to be Australia’s most important inbound tourism market. The Australia–China relationship was enhanced in November 2014, when Australia and China finalised a historic free trade agreement that promises to yield strong economic benefits for both nations. Under the policies, many small to medium enterprises can go global and benefit from global market.  I believe I can help them with my expertise on this matter.”

Contact: Crystal Guo

(04) 50878108


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