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Locally owned and operated, Hughes Mechanical provide all things Automotive including eSafety Checks, Log Book Servicing, Petrol & Diesel Vehicles, Fleet, Auto Electrical, Air Conditioning, Tyres, Wheel Balancing & Alignments

From the day Greg and Pieta Hughes decided to start their own business, their goal was to provide an old-school service with modern technique and equipment.

They strive to be customer focused and community orientated whilst adapting to the newest developments in technology, to ensure that every vehicle that leaves the workshop will be reliable for the families that we are returning them to.

Owner Greg Hughes says, “Not only do we want customers to be happy with the quality of our vehicle servicing, but also with the entire experience”.

“Branxton is not only where we trade out of, it is our home and where we are raising our children. We moved our family to Branxton in September 2011 and have not looked back,” Greg added.

They have surrounded themselves with an incredible community and cannot thank them enough for the support that we have received over the years.

“This has kept us going through all of the highs and lows of running a business. We love being able to stay and shop local and as well as give back to the community through support to our local sporting clubs” said Pieta.

Hughes Mechanical workshop is open 6 days per week ready for our customers.

A general day for a mechanic never goes to plan! Working in the industry for many years now, they have learned from experience to be very adaptable and make sure that when vehicles come in with more issues than planned.  Greg and his staff have back up plans and are ready for the next step.

Hughes Mechanical’s priority is always to service and maintain the community’s motor vehicles to high standard, so that their customers can know and have confidence in their vehicles.

The staff have a wealth of knowledge under their belt and give 100% effort to every vehicle that drives into the workshop. We are committed to delivering a high quality customer experience.


Hughes Mechanical

Location: 4-6 Station St, Branxton, NSW 2335

Contact Number: 4938 1633



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