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Hunter Valley Carpet Cleaners


Hunter Valley Carpet Cleaners are new to Cessnock and pride themselves on quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning.


“We know carpet cleaning is a competitive market”, says owner Chris Nash.


“Price is often a big factor when people are looking for a carpet cleaner. However, there are people out there that want quality, reliability and most of all a guarantee your carpet will be cleaned for the best possible outcome.”



Carpet types vary and have different cleaning methods, for example wool carpet needs to be cleaned differently to nylon carpet.


To cater for this, Hunter Valley Carpet Cleaners have three different carpet methods they offer on site. The team will first assess your carpet, suggest the best cleaning method, and perhaps spot stain removal based on your carpet type.


“Taking the time to assess your carpet is critical on what type of cleaning method is recommended”, says Chris.


“Our goal is to work with vineyards, accommodation and businesses throughout the Hunter Valley, ensuring your carpets or upholstery are cleaned to the highest standard available.”


“However, we don’t ignore residential customers!”


“We will treat your carpets with the highest quality service and care we can provide. We will turn up on time and ensure you are happy with our work”, says Chris.


Chris Nash on 0428421204 or

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