The Companion Card program is a not for profit program funded by the NSW Government. It is designed to ensure people with significant and permanent disabilities that need a carer with them at all times are able to participate in community based activities and venues.

The card itself is the size of a credit card, with the name and a photo of the holder, which is the person with the disability. When the holder buys a ticket for themselves at participating venues and facilities, their companion will get free entry.

Not all people with a disability are eligible for a Companion Card. Affiliated businesses can be confident that the need for a companion is genuine as all applications are assessed using a rigorous application and audit process.

The card has been designed with a range of security features that can be used by affiliate organisations to check the validity of companion cards.

Companion Cards are not means tested and those assessed as eligible have the card for life.

The program promotes fair ticketing for people who require an attendant carer. It also removes one of the barriers to their participation in activities and events, which is the expense of purchasing an additional ticket for their companion.

There are currently more than 1700 Companion Card affiliated businesses in NSW that are benefitting from access to an extensive and often untapped market of people with disability.  Here is the current list of formally registered Companion Card ‘Affiliates’ where you can use a Companion Card.

Local residents can use their Companion Card at the following local businesses:

  • Branxton Pool
  • Cessnock City Council
  • Cessnock PCYC
  • Cessnock Pool
  • Kurri Kurri YMCA
  • Hunter Valley Gardens
  • Hunter Wine Country Tourism in partner with Hunter Valley Accommodation, Tours, Event tickets and Conference Venues
  • Richmond Vale Railway and Mining Museum

The program also provides these businesses with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to social inclusion, present a positive image within their community, and meet some obligations under anti-discrimination laws.

What is an affiliate?

Affiliates are organisations, events or venues that officially register to participate in the Companion Card program.

Any business or organisation that charges an admission or participation fee is encouraged to consider affiliating with the program.

Affiliate obligations

Affiliates agree to:

  • issue a minimum of one companion ticket at no charge to cardholders
  • accept a Companion Card issued in any Australian state or territory
  • their business details being listed in the NSW Companion Card affiliate directory and online database
  • abide by the Companion Card Affiliate terms and conditions

The costs associated with providing a companion ticket absorbed by the business or organisation.

Affiliation is FREE. Businesses and organisations that affiliate with the scheme are provided with promotional materials, as well as an entry in the searchable online database used by cardholders.

How to get involved

Join the NSW companion card program by filling in the attached application form. Contact the companion card information line on 1800 893 044 or via email affiliates.companioncard@facs.nsw.gov.au.

For more information go to Companion Card NSW.

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