Cessnock Business e-News Monitor – Issue 91, 16 May 2017

Tourism and Hospitality Labour Shortfall

Tourism and Hospitality Labour Shortfall The Hunter Valley relies on a motivated and skilled tourism and hospitality workforce which is vital to the continued growth of our area. However, the New South Wales Business Chamber recently announced NSW tourism and hospitality industries are facing a shortfall of skilled workers over the next several years. The Chamber stated in their March 2017 NSW Visitor Economy, ‘On the Move Mid-Term Report … Read More

Sort out your Workspace

Need help sorting out your workspace? Are you one of those people who secretly loves making a list and ticking off chores? Maybe you can’t live without the ability to sync your diary and ‘to do’ lists across devices. Perhaps you are old-school, and lug around a paper diary with pencils and erasers? (Very retro). If so you have one of the essential skills to running a business. If not . . . don’t worry, we have some suggestions for … Read More

Stop excluding growth from your business

Are you excluding growth from your business?   As business becomes increasingly global, and as social media continues to influence business practices, we are faced with the challenge of balancing not just business values, but personal values as well.   Inclusivity is a social value that is appearing more and more in business policies and practices.   According to Forbes, encouraging inclusivity means you have a … Read More

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