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Cessnock Business e-News Monitor – Issue 61, 27 September 2016

How is the reception in your neck of the woods?

With the increasing adoption of online tools for doing business, it is essential that mobile and internet coverage is available everywhere. The reality is, in regional areas mobile coverage is often far from satisfactory. If you’ve decided to live and operate a business in … Read More

Employees and job candidates smitten with irresistible companies

What if your potential employees had to interview your business to see if they’d like the job? Is your business attractive to candidates? Simply Irresistible? Would they leave their job, relocate or sacrifice salary in order to work for your business? A role reversal has … Read More

Made a mistake on your tax? No problem . . .

We all make mistakes, however making a mistake on your tax might be a big deal and an extra burden on your cash flow. Currently, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) gives a penalty to individuals and small businesses for inadvertent mistakes on their tax. The penalties can be as … Read More

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