Cessnock Business e-News Monitor – Issue 132, 24 April 2018

‘Buy Local’ and promote local spending!

24 Apr

'Buy Local' and promote local spending! We're proud of our local businesses and what they have to offer. This July we'll be launching a guide for all local residents that gives discounts to local businesses across the area. It's all about locals supporting locals. If you're a business and want to get involved like Sarah did from the Cessnock Plaza … Keep reading,..

Get your money fast with PayID and Osko

24 Apr

Get your money fast with PayID and Osko   PayID and Osko offer new ways to get payments, and are being launched by financial institutions across Australia.   Does waiting three days for debtor’s payments to be approved by the bank hold up your cash flow? Or how often do you find yourself short of cash and mucking about triple … Keep reading,..

Your mental health affects your business

24 Apr

Your mental health affects your business   The belief that running your own business is stressful has been common-place for so long that it is seen as part and parcel of running a business, much like outstanding debtors and endless bills. You just cop it on the chin, right?   Not anymore. The mental health of business owners and … Keep reading,..

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