Cessnock Business e-News Monitor – Issue 81, 27 February 2017

New announcement: Sunday and Public Holiday penalty rates slashed

The Fair Work Commission has ruled that hospitality, fast food, retail, registered and pharmacy workers will have their Sunday and Public Holiday penalty rates cut.   Who is affected?   The modern awards subject to the reductions are: Fast Food Industry Award 2010 - MA000003 General Retail Industry Award 2010 - MA000004 Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010 - MA000009 Pharmacy Industry Award 2010 - MA000012 … Read More

Business practices to save you money

We are all looking for ways to save on business expenses.   For example UPS, a delivery company in the USA, have found an interesting way of saving money - their drivers simply don’t turn left.   Quartz recently found that UPS drivers are given routes that avoid turning left across oncoming traffic (in the States this means turning left, here in Australia we turn right across traffic).   Routes are calculated to … Read More

Strike Gold in Cessnock City

According to the NSW Valuer General there is a marked difference between land values in the Upper and Lower Hunter regions, with Cessnock LGA not only holding land values, but increasing steadily.   The NSW Valuer General reported a 9.8% increase in residential land values* in the Lower Hunter over the 12 months ending July 1st, 2016.   In our own part of the Lower Hunter, Cessnock LGA’s overall land values have increased by … Read More

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