Cessnock Business e-News Monitor – Issue 92, 23 May 2017

Do you know a young person without a job?

Do you know a young person without a job? Millennials in the unemployment queue. Here’s the scoop: It’s a whole generation we’re at risk of losing.   There is no doubt that a changing labour market has also left millennials out in the cold compared to previous generations. Economic Development Manager Jane Holdsworth wants to turn things around for the hundreds of young people who want to work in the Cessnock … Read More

Itinerant workers under scrutiny

Itinerant workers under scrutiny by the ATO. Would you call yourself a ‘rover’? Maybe you consider yourself more of a nomad? Perhaps you don’t mind the moniker ‘wayfarer’ being used by friends to describe your lifestyle? If that’s the case, you probably already know that figuring out which expenses you can deduct from your income can be tricky. It can be time consuming to sit down and work out how much of your bill is the result of business … Read More

Customer for life or be in their pocket

Customer for life or be in their pocket Are your customers ready and willing to support your business permanently? For one Sydney Café, their loyalty program has evolved so significantly, they now have a guaranteed lifetime customer. Free coffee for life is provided by Hub House Diner in Dulwich Hill to any customer who tattoos the business’ logo on their body. They’ve even had a regular local take up their offer! And this customer … Read More

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