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  • Mon

    Online Class - The Foundations Of Communication, Influence & Sales

    7.30 to 9pmonline on Zoom

    Are you in business, sales or network marketing and want to master selling?

    Are you sick an tired of not seeing the results you would like to?

    Are you frustrated at times you can't get your message across?

    Or even just curious how you can MASTER the art of communcation and get faster results?

    Let's face it we all know the person who can communicate the best can serve more people!

    And why go slow when you can go fast and make every conversation count?

    This event is a FREE LIVE online training event I have designed specifically to give you the tools and skills using Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) to you need to be a become an expert in communication, sales and influence!

    This is a FREE event and training ( That's Right FREE ) that will allow you to walk away will instant results when you implement.

    Literally a life changing awareness you can have in the art of communication with neuro linguistic programming.

    The is a one time event an held online on zoom and as I mentioned totally FREE focused on training you to be better at your craft and also to have you achieving far greater results.

    Which means more time, money & freedom ๐Ÿ™‚

    The event will be held on zoom

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