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Gourmet burger and espresso bar, Burgerfiend, opened in Cessnock only four months ago, offering great coffee and dedication to quality to their business.


Run by husband and wife team Marlene and Matthew, Burgerfiend understand that being a ‘family owned and family operated’  business is a selling point family-run businesses shouldn’t ignore in their marketing.


Marlene and Matthew bring their passion and experience for the food and beverage industry to this new venture.


“We make our beef patties in-house from scratch. We source fresh local products & high quality products”, says owner and operator Marlene Fulham.


Burgerfiend offer high quality food and beverage and have become somewhat of a cult following for their customer base. Burgers, jaffles, fried chicken, loaded fries, apple pies and icecream. All fresh, and phenomenally tasty.


In fact when they first opened, they were so well patronised that they had to close early because they would sell out!


These owner-operators know the value of great customer service, with staff members making sure to delight their customers, and it has worked to build a loyal following. Burgerfiend’s  customers keep coming back again and again.


What do they love about operating a business in Cessnock City?

“The feeling of being part of a community, getting to know more of our neighbours, and also knowing that we are contributing to helping the community grow”, says Marlene, of operating a business here in Cessnock City.


“Now that we are finding our feet, we will be introducing new specials to our menu regularly”, says Marlene.


“We hope to increase our coffee trade so that we can start introducing different blends and serve coffee using different brewing methods”.


Part of the responsible cafe’s program, you can bring your keep cup and be rewarded at Burgerfiend. They use a small locavore coffee bean, Suspension Espresso to make divine coffees, and a spectacular home made Salted Caramel sauce to make a mean Salted Caramel Milkshake.


Burgerfiend are open throughout the holiday period except for Christmas day and New Years Day. Check their trading hours over the holiday period below or head to Burgerfiend on Facebook for daily updates and specials.

1E Cooper Street Cessnock

(02) 49098273



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