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Soapy Sista’s was born six months ago, when sisters Vicki and Kerry started developing handmade artisan soaps, creating soap that not only smells delicious, but meets the rising desire for environmentally friendly products.


“We make small batches, we use eco-friendly products, no palm oil and no animal oil, and we use products that are great for all skin types”, says Soapy Sista’s co-owner, Vicki.


“We are vego and vegan friendly, and we are staying true to our motto – no palm oil“.


The sisters are always testing new recipes to come up with soaps that are not only good for your skin, but look fantastic as well.


Running a business in the Hunter Valley is a source of pride for the duo.


“We are proud to be part of the Hunter Valley business community, selling soap that is great for your skin”, says Vicki.


Soapy Sista’s can be found selling their skin-loving soap at De Bortoli Wines.


To talk about products or put in an order, contact:

(423) 975745



















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