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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A portrait by Sue Linton is worth a lifetime of emotion.latest BEC logo 2015 pet _ horse dark bgr

Portrait artist Sue Linton turned her passion for painting into a thriving international business, and has been creating quality oil and pastel portraits for the past 17 years.

In the modern day when every hand held device doubles as a camera, people can be ‘Instagram Famous’ and the selfie has permeated popular culture, Sue says a portrait captures an emotional connection that is generally lost in a photo.

“Customers have told me my paintings have more life than a photo ever could,” says Sue. “I like to think that if a photo freezes a moment in time, a painting has the ability to melt a person’s heart.”

Ardent artist Sue says there are many reasons clients choose to have a portrait created. “Some want to give a gift that will really mean something and be treasured for a lifetime, others use them to celebrate or commemorate significant life experiences,” she says. “People who have lost a pet or loved one have a lifelike memorial portrait created that captures memories of better times.”

Sue brings to life existing photos of treasured moments, people and pets. If a client does not have a favourite image in mind, Sue says she can come and take suitable photos or set the easel on your property and create a plein air painting (or a painting onsite) for a beautiful, custom portrait.

“My portraits have a great likeness to their subjects and are anatomically correct, but they also have an extra spark,” says Sue. “Photos capture every detail and the important things get lost in the clutter. By selectively enhancing important things like eyes or expression and downplaying or removing distracting thing my portraits once again capture the emotional connection that photos lose.”

“My portraits look more lifelike than a photo because I can use colours that you see when you look at things in the flesh—colours that are lost in photos. Photos generally have dark shadows areas or white lighter areas with no colours or detail. I find many people have me create portraits of black or white animal s as photos don’t capture the subtle colours you see in real life.”

For an artist like Sue, sometimes the world is a canvas. She’s also created a number of murals for community and commercial clients, with her Bullocky mural taking pride of place in Allworth Street on the side of the BSW liquor barn in Kurri Kurri.

Do you have a treasured memory? Contact Sue Linton to find out how to bring it to life through a portrait.

Sue Linton Quality Portrait Artist | 02 4998 6169 | Facebook

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