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The Pawfect Patisserie

The Pawfect Patisserie, operating for three years, is a beloved Pet Bakery and online pet/dog shop specialising in crafting nutritious dog treats and stocking premium dog food and Australian Meat dog treats. With a curated selection of tried and tested dog toys, including brands like Kong, Zippy Paws, and Outward Hound, they offer a comprehensive offering for pet owners.

Founded by Cassie, a dedicated dog enthusiast and skilled baker, The Pawfect Patisserie was born from her passion for dogs and baking. Every treat is meticulously crafted to be both nutritious and delicious, prioritising health by being free from sugar, salt, and preservatives. Biscuits and cakes are baked to order, ensuring maximum freshness upon delivery.

Based in the Hunter Valley, The Pawfect Patisserie’s mission is to provide the healthiest dog treats and birthday cakes in the Hunter area. Their online presence makes their high-quality products accessible to dog lovers across the region. With a commitment to quality and health, they aim to delight both pets and their owners with every purchase.



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